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I had a lot of apprehensions regarding the Radio Jockey course offered at AofB, and with numerous questions running through my mind but to my utter delight and relief, all my questions were aptly answered at the time of counseling session and I took back home a great feeling of confidence and conviction within myself. During the course, even the most boring topics like the Radio-history were made interesting! We have had great fun while learning the aspects of being a Radio-jockey. The faculties at AofB depicted extraordinary training skills from putting the class at ease, to talking with us instead of talking at us with a positive attitude. For Seema, I have, and will always, consider myself lucky to have a teacher who's so holistic in her approach towards her students and her work. Hats off to her for being THE teacher, who's every student's inspiration. Thank you, Seema! I wish you all the best for everything and will make you proud by successfully implementing all that you have taught us.
Varsha Pappachan

Seema is the life of the Brainobrain Saket centre. A highly charged personality, she constantly strives to make things interesting for her students. Her zeal and enthusiasm have kept the interest going; and her rapport with the kids is such that at a low phase when my son talks of quitting, I tell him to just go say that to Seema mam, and even he knows that once he is with her he won't be talking of leaving. The centre is extremely well organized, and I am very happy that my son is part of Seema's gang of little brain-o-brainers.
Gayathri Sharma, mother of Aditya

The faculties at SMN are very fine who know their subject very well. They always went out of their way not only to teach us about the course but also about the right attitude required for this field. They are very inspiring and I have learnt many things which were not even directly related to the course but had a deep meaningful role to play for the completion of the course. The faculties are well trained and know how to handle each student differently according to his/her potential and interest. Seema ma'am is a great motivator and a great teacher to learn anything from. I wish all of them a great journey in their venture.
Shlabh Jain

Our child has enhanced her mental at both conscious & subconscious level. We experience her change of nature from introvert to extrovert, definitely after using both the levels of brain. We appreciate & are thankful to BrainOBrain Saket, especially Mrs.Seema Jain for the same & would like more & more people to send their children to only one stoppage that is BrainOBrain, Saket & get the benefit of the whole. Before Joining BrainOBrain Saket, we did a little bit of survey for the centres around Saket. After having a word with Mrs. Seema Jain we came to realise that it is the teacher who makes a difference, not the subject and we found those qualities in Mrs. Seema Jain. I feel a good teacher can direct the child towards right direction and path. Today we are proud of our decision.
Bharti Kapoor, mother of Atisshya

At AofB, we are trained by very qualified and skilled faculties. Amongst them I must say for someone, who made me understand that nothing is impossible if we have passion, the name is Seema - which is a self expressed word that how caring and responsible she is…Seema - She is like Ma, the way she is taking care of each and every student and their talent, her every criticism makes us more perfect. We enjoyed each and every session at AofB starting from grooming to developing self confidence, positive attitude and what not. Now I've started believing in myself and feel that I can accept any kind of challenge in the world of performance.
Shubhro Karmakar

Brainobrain Saket has been a real game changer in the life of my daughter Vani! Apart from increasing her interest in maths and numbers; the pro-active and full of energy environment created by Seema makes Vani eagerly awaits her next class and also to complete her work regularly. Now with Orifice; I am sure Vani will have a renewed self-confidence in herself and she is very happy that she took the decision to participate in this program. Even with hectic schedules she is never complaining and juggles thru all her other work to keep up with her time lines at Orifice!- which is no mean achievement esp. during holidays...
Mallika Gupta, mother of Vani

This is to be prideful for me to be a part of AofB as a student, especially from the Pilot Batch. For me, it was a desire from the childhood to do something different from others and here I got the platform to make my dreams come true. I am very thankful to Seema Ma'am for building an enthusiasm & confidence in myself. The sessions at AofB in entirety were very knowledgable and are helpful in other fields as well. I am still learning and hope to learn more and more...
Sushil Verma

Parvati & I, we both feel that our son Sambit really enjoys his Abacus classes and Seema has been able to generate a keen interest in him for numbers. Thanks to the training he is getting, he is able to calculate relatively larger numbers quite fast and what's more he likes it too. So thank you once more for the good work done.
Sunil Prabhu, father of Sambit

The faculty at Academy of Broadcasting has indeed inspired me to perform and exceed. Over the course of this program Mrs. Seema Jain's efforts have not only been restricted to the assistance in Radio Jockeying and Broadcasting, rather she has surely been a source of inspiration for me.

The weekly sessions facilitated by her are ought to be beneficial for anyone who attends them. The voice exercises conducted has undoubtedly been an asset to my voice. I have benefitted a lot from her and have surely learnt. Her active and animated involvement in the singing sessions has been brilliant, it has enable me to come up and sing in front of 10 people, which I wouldn't have earlier.
Aditya Bakshi

My daughter Aditi has been with Brainobrain Saket centre for last 2 years. Your class is the one which Aditi always looks forward to attend. Your method of teaching, mixing fun with studies is just outstanding. You have a meticulous approach to details and that you are able to prioritise well. We are also thankful to you for helping develop all round skills of Aditi & making her a creative thinker.
Sapna Gupta, mother of Aditi

Joining Academy of Broadcasting at SMN and knowing Mrs Seema Jain has been an enriching experience in itself. Mrs Seema Jain has a dynamic persona which reflects in her way of communicating information & knowledge in the simplest yet interesting methods.

The faculty is highly approachable and cooperative making the learning process easier and fun for students. It motivates students to communicate openly, which is very important for a creative and fast paced medium of radio.
Farhat Jahan

My son Aashray has been learning abacus at Brainobrain, Saket centre. He joined the centre 4 years back, when he was just 6 years old. The learning and growth under Seema Mam's guidance has been remarkable and much above our expectations. Seema has taken lots of pains, put in all her efforts and even given extra time to make the concepts clear. Not only abacus but Aashray has also learned a lot more things line Sudoku, Karaoke, attempting IQ puzzles and new vocabulary words. There has been an overall personality development with not only development of great mathematical skills but also Aashray has become much more confident. Seema is excellent in her work and has done a wonderful job in helping Aashray successfully complete the course.
Ritu Kapoor mother of Aashray.

It was 5th of September when I came to know about academy of broadcasting and i never knew that it is the date which is going to change my life in all manner. The confidence which our most respectable teacher Ms. Seema Jain provided us with was something unexplainable. The passion with which she teaches has created a curiosity of learning more and more. I am really thankful to AofB for changing my life in every positive manner.
Mohd. Aarif

It was immense pleasure to send my ward to Brainobrain Saket Centre. It was not just a class but much more than that. I can sense great changes in her academics, especially maths. Every level was an experience in itself, like with every step we climb we reach new heights. My daughter always looked forward to the class with great pleasure. There was never any sort of pressure on the students which gave them a very calm and relaxed atmosphere to learn and grow with it. I pray to God that this centre should work and grow like this without any obstacles in its path.
Anu Tandon mother of Bhavya.

The learning experience and knowledge provided by Ms. Seema Jain was extremely valuable for our employees. Through numerous real-world examples, our team was able to perceive a new insight about the topics. The knowledge and expertise that Ms. Jain has obtained in the area of soft skills training is very apparent. We especially appreciate her effort in giving new look to the behavioural aspects of our employees.
Mr. Madan Mohan (GM – Finance & HR), Mr. Sanjay Mitra (GM – Field Services)  - Alstom Ltd

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